Invisalign Ultrasonic Cleaning Device Feedback Survey

Invisalign™ Ultrasonic Cleaning Device
Feedback survey
Terms and conditions
Complete a product feedback survey for a $25 gift card*


For the first 400 Invisalign™ Ultrasonic Cleaning Stations purchased on the  website, purchasers will receive an email link to a product feedback survey. Purchasers who qualify for and complete the survey on or before December 31, 2023 will receive a $25 digital gift card* as a thank you for time spent in providing their honest feedback about the product. Purchasers must use the link provided in the email to complete the survey. Limit one survey submission per purchaser. Survey responses will be aggregated and anonymized. Feedback collected through this survey may be used for internal research and development, marketing, product improvement and any other purposes permitted by law.


*Amazon and other options. Purchasers’ use of the gift cards is subject to the further terms and conditions of each gift card merchant.


Eligibility. To be eligible to receive the gift card, an individual must:

  • be over the age of 17;
  • reside within [the United States];
  • have purchased at least one of the first 400 Invisalign Ultrasonic Cleaning Stations sold on the website;
  • pass the initial survey screening, complete all survey questions, and provide a valid email address for distribution of the gift card;
  • either (i) not be a health care provider, or (ii) provide an NPI so that compensation can be reported if required under Sunshine Act laws.


Use of email addresses. The survey link will be sent to the email address associated with the shipping information provided when the order was placed. Up to two email reminders with the survey link will be sent to each purchaser.  Separately, upon completion of all survey questions, purchasers will be asked to specify an email address to be used for distribution of the digital gift card. Email addresses provided in connection with the order and the survey: (a) will not be used except as described in these survey promotion terms and conditions and the webstore terms of sale; and (b) will not be stored or used by Align for marketing or advertising purposes (or provided or sold to any third party for those purposes) unless a purchaser has otherwise provided consent to receipt of marketing communications from the seller.