Invisalign Aligner Case Super Bowl LVI

Invisalign aligner cases made specifically for your Invisalign aligners.

  • Invisalign aligner cases will not cause discoloration of the Invisalign aligners.
  • No risk of leaching hazardous chemicals from the Invisalign aligner cases to your Invisalign aligners.
  • Invisalign aligner cases are made from medical grade thermoplastic materials.


Give your Invisalign aligners and Vivera retainers a shot of protection - and support your favorite NFL players - with our Super Bowl LVI (56) clamshell. The perfect complement to any ensemble, this magnetically-sealed case lets you easily stash your aligners or retainers on-the-go.

The Super Bowl LVI case comes complete with a sleek, black drawstring pouch - perfect for daytimes adventures, overnight trips, or brunch with friends. Grab one for home and one for the road because like the athletes, this limited-edition case will go fast!


The textured inner lining helps to minimize slipping and movement inside. Spacing behind the hinge allows for proper ventilation. As an added bonus, each case comes with a handy black Invisalign drawstring pouch to carry your personal oral hygiene essentials, such as floss, chewies, toothpaste and travel toothbrush, etc.


For use with standard Invisalign aligners and retainers. Patients who have Invisalign aligners with precision wings should not use this case as the aligners may be damaged. Store aligners and retainers in the case when not in use to minimize damage and loss. This case is not designed to immerse aligners in water for cleaning.


Made with medical grade plastic (not natural rubber latex).

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The only Invisalign approved cleaning crystals

Invisalign® Cleaning Crystals are a cleaning system designed specifically for Invisalign clear aligners and retainers. The cleaning crystals are designed to kill the bacteria that causes plaque to grow on your teeth and aligners. Daily cleaning will keep your aligners fresh and prevent discoloration or bacterial growth. They work well for retainers, too!

Clean aligners, healthy teeth and gums

Food particles can get stuck in your retainers, which can cause bacteria to spread. This bacteria can form plaque on your aligners, which can then spread to your teeth and over time, can cause staining, bad breath, gum deterioration and disease. We recommend our cleaning crystals because they are gentle and effectively kill bacteria and remove plaque from your aligners/retainers. Regularly cleaning also keeps your aligners/retainers transparent and bright!

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How to Use


Remove aligners/retainers and rinse under tap water.


Place aligners/retainers into a cleaning container and fill with enough warm water to immerse the aligners/retainers fully. Add one packet of cleaning crystals.


Gently shake/agitate for 20 seconds to dissolve and distribute crystals.


Let stand for 15 minutes, or more if you prefer. Gently shake/agitate again for 20 seconds.


Rinse the aligners/retainers and container thoroughly with warm water


row heading Invisalign® Cleaning Crystals row heading Steraligner row heading
Type of Cleaning Soaking Soaking
Kills Bacteria Yes Yes
Removes Plaque Yes Yes
Time to Clean 15 minutes 3-5 minutes
Amount of Cleans 50 25
Recommended Use 1x per week 1x per month


Ingredients + Storage

Made with Sodium Sulfate, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Sodium Dichlorosocyanurate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate