Invisalign Seaters (Bulk Pack)

Bulk pricing for genuine Invisalign Aligner Seaters.   Sold in bulk of 25and 50.
$249.75 $199.99

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How to use Invisalign Aligner Seaters


While wearing clear aligners, use your fingers or an aligner removal tool to place an Aligner Seater lengthwise between your jaws.


Chew on the Aligner Seater, moving between the front and back teeth, or biting down on a specific area.


Use a blue Aligner Seater for a softer experience.

Person holding Invisalign aligner seater
Aligner Seaters from Invisalign

Invisalign Aligner Seaters are fabricated to properly seat clear aligners.   Proper aligner seating increases the likelihood that pre-programmed force systems built into your aligners and designed to move your teeth are delivered as accurately and efficiently as possible.  


Aligner Seaters are medical-grade silicone chews with a patent-pending quatrefoil shape, designed to aid in the fit of clear aligners and relieve the discomfort associated with orthodontics.