Invisalign® Aligner Cleaning Spray


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Invisalign Aligner Cleaning Spray is a patented 10 ml cleaning formulation designed to clean and freshen orthodontic aligners and clear retainers.

Invisalign Aligner Cleaning Spray kills 99% of bacteria.


On the go:
Remove aligners. Spray 1 to 2 pumps inside each aligner.  Use up to 4 times daily to clean and freshen aligners.

At home:
Remove aligners or retainers and place them inside their storage case. Cover with spray and let sit for up to 5 minutes. Rinsing and brushing aligners before replacing them in mouth is optional.


Invisalign Aligner Cleaning Spray is made of water, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, PVP, PEG, sodium lauryl sulfate, sucralose, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, etidronic acid, mentha arvensis (mint) oil.

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